About Us

The past, the present and the prophecy

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Our Mission

Every event, every activity, everywhere.

Envision a one-stop-shop for event inspiration, from the most infamous music festivals to your Uncle's bi-annual BBQ. We believe it's time we made finding things-to-do as effortless as snoozing your morning alarm.

If you've ever felt FOMO (that's the fear of missing out) then not only are you are not alone, you've already needed the seshh app more than you can imagine. We're bringing the social networking element to events and activities, providing our users with a platform to post, join, share, invite and track events all over the world.

Ticket sellers have been fighting for ticket sale contracts for years, we thought we'd leave them to it. Instead of us joining the tussle, we aim to help those companies grow. They sell the tickets, we target and inspire party people across the globe.

As we progress, the app will get more accurate at inspiring users, focusing on events they wouldn't miss for the world. This is a platform built for the proactive audience, for those that want to know what people are doing, where people are going and when the next big seshh is going down.